The Morning Routine That Has Changed My LIFE!

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I am a person who CRAVES alone time. Give me all of the peace and quiet to sit with my own thoughts and journal, pray, meditate, search Pinterest endlessly, and dream. I could seriously live in that world and never come out of it… BUT then who would raise my family? Pay bills? Get my work done? Make dinner or do laundry? Or see my friends and family? Unfortunately I can’t live in that world because my world needs me there for it, so I find myself constantly craving alone time and self care time and it is SO dang hard to get with a toddler and a full time career, and fairly busy calendar.

I especially noticed this after I had my son. Before I was still very busy with my demanding career and social life but I could always squeeze in my ‘me time’ and take a lazy Sunday to focus on myself. With a little guy that is almost two? That. Does. Not. Happen. Cannot Happen. Probably Won’t Ever Happen. And I truly have missed it. And what I found myself doing was trying to chase some quiet space away from my family in any moment that I could (not necessarily physically, but mentally). Which meant I wasn’t being present. Like, hardly ever. And I also realized I was drinking WAY more wine than my previous self ever would have thought was healthy. And when I started to reflect on this, I realized it was because I was just missing my introverted quietness that I REQUIRE to have energy for my life, and so I was trying to catch it, rather than create time for it.

So I started to try to figure out how I could create some time to take care of myself and therefore could let go and be present when I am in other modes, such as work mode or family mode. So at first I made a plan that after I put my son to bed, instead of watching TV on the couch with my hubby, I could take that time to do my journaling, prayer, meditation, etc. But I was so tired, I didn’t have the energy or passion for it before bed. Plus I really enjoy the wind-down at night. So then I decided that I would just start coming home for an hour each day for lunch…well I managed to come home a couple of times (our company’s culture is to eat at our desks) and packed with appointments at very different times. So the few times that I came home they were awkward to fit in, felt rushed because I knew I had to go back by a certain time, and of course were full of phone calls from my team or clients needing me.

After trying out these different times, there was no way around it. I HAD to start waking up earlier. And in order to have alone time, I had to start waking up earlier than my son! Starting the day to the sound of my baby crying for me because he woke up is the worst way to start it. I have zero time to wake up, drink coffee, or do anything before I am in full swing of toddler mode and trying to get ready and get out the door for the work day. 

Hitting the Snooze Button

We all know not to hit it and just get out of bed. Well I couldn’t!! I swear, I don’t know why. I just hit it and promise myself I’ll get up in a few more minutes. And then I don’t and I keep hitting it until my son would wake up and then I had no choice and didn’t get any of the glory alone time I had promised I would wake up early for.

Then I got the BEST alarm clock EVER

If you struggle with waking up and hitting snooze. Just get this. I promise you will wake up when you want. The clock starts to get brighter and brighter by the time the sound goes off. It wakes you up naturally and so many times I’m already wide awake before the sound even goes off. I get right out of bed, grab my morning journals, and head out to make some coffee.

So now that you know how I actually got up, here’s what I do once I’m up!

  1. Coffee – it’s just life
  2. I pull out three different journals that I have. One is a gratitude journal, the other is Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner, and the third is just a regular notebook for general journaling, like this one. I spend a few minutes in each one. The first is ALWAYS the gratitude journal. Then I focus on either the performance planner or my general journal, see #3
  3. Affirmations/Visualizations: I use my general notebook/journal to write down exactly what I want as if it were here now. Such as “I am confident, successful, financially free, size 4 and fit, exercise every day, great wife and mom, I live in my dream home with is:…” Put it all in there! Anything you want, the car you want to drive, the house you want to live in, the children you want, the travels you want. Write it all down as if it were here now and then when you are done, close your eyes and visualize all of those things. Feel how amazing it feels, see yourself on the plane, what you would be wearing, all of it. Don’t hold back either, this is just for you and it’s truly life changing to helping you obtain your dreams!
  4. Prayer: God is SO good to me and so I pray thanks to Him and also ask Him for what I need. I used to think that I should only bother God with prayer when I had something really desperate I needed His help with. Now I know it does not work that way. God is limitless, there is no amount of prayer he can’t hear or answer. Life is full of abundance and you can have so much of it and should be asking God for it. If you think the way I used to, change that and start a habit of daily prayer full of THANKS and full of asking! 
  5. Meditation: I save this for last because once I know I have gotten all of my thoughts written down and prayers said, I feel that’s best to be able to clear my mind and meditate. I set a timer for at least 10 minutes (lately trying to push that to 15 minutes), and just mediate. 
  6. Exercise: By this time, my husband and toddler are ready to wake up (my husband with more prompting needed than my son), and we get into our exercise clothes, head out to the living room, move some furniture, and put on a half hour BeachBody workout. 30 minutes of exercise each morning and it has CHANGED my days! I am feeling great, have so much more energy, everything. And I used to use my baby as an excuse for why I couldn’t workout, but having him run around with us is pretty endearing and adds to the great morning. Just pick up that kiddo and incorporate him into the workout 🙂
  7. Juice: Have you heard of the celery juicing craze? I’m into it! The next part of my morning route is celery juicing. And I make enough for me, my husband, and my son (still shocked he drinks it!). I have noticed improvements in my skin, digestion, mental sharpness, and energy every since I started juicing celery in the morning. I won’t go into all of the health benefits on here, but just Google about it and check out Medical Medium
  8. Get Ready: One of the best parts of waking up earlier and getting all of that done? I have so much more time to get ready, even if it just ends up being an extra 20 minutes. It means I can take more care into my hair, makeup, and outfit for the day. Fill up my water bottle so I stay hydrated, fill up my tank before I get to work…so many things! Having more time to get ready in the morning means I look better, feel better, and therefore truly do better work. 

The Best Part

As you can see, and as I’m sure this is just common sense, but if you can tackle the goal and habit of waking up earlier, several of your other goals become SO much more attainable because you just created the space and time for them. This is your time for personal development, exercise, working on your business or side hustle. I’m writing this post at 6am people! I can tell you, my posts would not get done if I wasn’t waking up earlier. 

Good Luck and Good Morning! 🙂

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