This ONE Thing That Has Helped Me Become a Morning Person!

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So one of my new goals was to wake up earlier and become a morning person – being able to do this has impacted all of my other goals as well. When I wake up an hour earlier than I normally would, I can accomplish so many things.

Things I can do now that I wake up earlier:

  • ME time! When I first wake up, I get my coffee and I grab my journal and I get to start my day in peace and quiet. I meditate, I journal my affirmations and goals as if they are true today. More on that topic here. 
  • Exercise – once I finish my coffee, journaling and meditating, I get my 30 minute workout in. I exercise in my home. My toddler is usually up by this point, so I get him set up with his breakfast which keeps him fairly occupied for most of the workout while he watches me jump around 🙂
  • Juicing – I have been juicing for my family and myself every single morning. I follow The Medical Medium and the power of celery juice on an empty stomach is incredible. For my son and hubby, I mix in some apple, lemon, and kale or spinach so sweeten it up and add some more goodness since it’s not realistic that my toddler would drink straight celery juice. I feel amazing when I juice and waking up earlier gives me the time I need for the clean up after! 
  • I look better! – When I wake up earlier, I have more time to get ready for the day, which means I can spend a few more minutes on my hair, makeup, and outfit. I feel put together and ready to take on the day when I wake up early.

So how am I doing it??

It literally comes down to ONE product for me. I have never been a morning person and after getting this sunrise alarm over a month ago I have been able to wake up an hour earlier than I usually would every single morning. The reason it works so well is that a half hour before your alarm time, the light turns on and it slowly gets brighter and brighter. This naturally and calmly wakes you up and by the time the sound even goes off I’m usually wide a awake and ready to get up and going. 

Nothing else has been able to wake me up the way this sunrise alarm clock has. I’ve ready books, tried many tips and strategies, and I always end up dragging out my mornings laying in bed just 5 minutes longer, and then another 5 minutes, until I’ve pushed it so far that my morning feels stressful and rushed.

Do yourself a favor and get the sunrise alarm! And decide what you are going to do with an hour (or more!) every single morning! 

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