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Hey you! Go ahead and take a big, deep breath before you read any further. Just because it’ll instantly make you feel better. Simple!

So you may have noticed that it’s a New Year now 🙂 And I’m sure a lot of you have been creating goals and dreaming big. This is my favorite time of year, everyone is motivated and starting fresh and the possibilities are endless.  I commend you for still clicking on posts such as this even though we are breezing through January, it’s so important to continue to soak up content throughout the year that will help you keep you goals in check and in focus.

In past the past several years, I have learned how to achieve my dreams and meet my goals. They are no longer just hopes, but visions that I truly believe are possible, no matter how small, big, silly, or whatever. If you need help on how to reach you goals, click here. 

What kind of goals should I be making?

In the past, my New Year’s Resolutions looked something like this… Eat better and Lose weight. And that was just about it. I usually picked one thing, and it was almost always about my weight. I had no plan, it wasn’t written down, and it was totally abandoned come February. No wonder I felt stagnant for years, and never lost any weight. I wasn’t even focusing on other areas of my life that needed attention or had so much potential to thrive. 

So now, I break down my goals into ways to improve each life category. Those categories for me look like this:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Family and Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Career 
  • Financials
  • Personal Growth and Well Being

I reflect on each of these areas of my life and picture my overall dream for each one. I start really big and picture what would be my ideal state in each of these categories, which looks like this (be specific!):

  • Health and Fitness – Daily exerciser, size 4, fit, toned, clean eater, clear radiant skin, great hair 🙂
  • Family and Relationships – strong marriage until death do us part, two children, great mom, meaningful friendships
  • Spirituality – I want to hear God’s voice, be present and mindful, meditate every day.
  • Career – I want a certain designation in my field, become a partner at my company, be a well respected and well known powerhouse in my industry
  • Financials – Total financial freedom! Multi-millionaire with many investments
  • Personal Growth and Well Being – My highest self – I see her as so confident, strong, grounded, in control of her emotions, her time, her energy, completely present, and deeply connected to herself, her children, family, and friends. 

Then take those dreams and break them down into obtainable goals for each area in your life:

For example, my Health and Fitness category looked like this:

  • Health and Fitness – Daily exerciser, size 4, fit, toned, clean eater, clear radiant skin, great hair 🙂

So I take that and say, Okay – how can I become a daily exerciser? How long am I going to exercise, what kind of exercise am I going to do? And I create a realistic and obtainable goals. I review my schedule and think of the best time I will be able to actually exercise and commit. For me, with a toddler and a full time job, that is at 7am every morning. Guess what? I am NOT a morning person so I bought this light alarm clock and it has CHANGED my mornings for good! It goes off about a half hour before my alarm sound and most times I wake up naturally from the light before the sound even goes off. I also signed up for BeachBody because they have a ton of half hour work outs that I know I can handle timewise. The other aspect is to be toned…so I need to select workouts that will do that, not just cardio. How can I become a clean eater? I can start meal planning and meal prepping so I have the right foods available. I can start researching how to eat clean.

Do you see how this works? It’s all about taking your goals and breaking each part down into actions that you can take to start making sure they happen. PLANNING for them. Planning is absolutely key. If you never have time to plan, then you need to plan in your time to plan. Start to make it habit, commit to setting aside planning time each day or week. Calendar it in, tell your friends and family your plans. This will help you tremendously.

Tools that will help you stay on track: 

1. Planner – this is not just for your dentist appointment, this is also for your workout, which day you’ll go to the store and meal prep, your entire schedule so that you make sure you PLAN to make yourself a priority! 2. Light Alarm – this has become my favorite thing ever. I’ve been telling everyone about it because it has seriously changed my mornings and therefore my LIFE! If you are not a morning person, this will help you so much. 3. Daily Journal- make time for a few minutes to check in with your goals and writing them down. This keeps your dreams in focus so they don’t get forgotten about among the chaos of life.

Now go make 2019 YOUR year!!

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