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Hello! At the beginning and end of my posts I like to give you a quick and easy action that will make you feel good/better. So before I begin, I invite you to take a big, deep breath down in to your belly. Ahhhhh..it’s so important to breathe!

For the month of January I am committed to writing about goal setting and how to keep those goals. I’ve gotten very good at this over time. It’s even become fun to test the limits of this method to see just how much further I can push to obtain that much more.  

My old methods used to consist of thinking about what I wanted and declaring it in my mind, maybe even writing it down…and that was about it. I might have worked toward them for the first few months of the year, and they would eventually whither away, left abandoned and unfulfilled. 

But not anymore! 

I have changed my ways and unlocked the simple methods that work. Some of the desires and goals that I’ve been able to achieve are home ownership, marriage, motherhood, bought my dream home, turned my first home into a rental property for passive income, millionaire by age 30(!), earned at least $150K for 2018, and so many more. 

I have dreams that extend much further beyond these but as I look back and reflect at what I have done I know for certain that I have the power to achieve my goals. It has not been luck, it has been the methods I use to keep me on track to chase my hearts desires! Here is what I do and have been doing for the past several years:

1. Find some time; a quiet space; a notebook; and start dreaming!

Definitely do this once a year, if not throughout the year. Think of all of your dreams and Write. Them. DOWN! This is crucial, the written word is so powerful. The format is up to you, if you like lists, list them. If you see it as a story, then paragraphs. Charts, diagrams, headers, footers, images, whatever! Just get them written down and be specific. No dream is too big, minor, silly or materialistic to include – wealth, children, fame, influence, degrees, homes, vacation homes, rental homes, sweet car, clear skin, great hair, hot bod, dream job, no job…I think you get it. 

For example, I always knew that my first home I bought would eventually one day be an investment property, so I would dream about my dream home. I wrote down everything I wanted in my next home which was:

At least 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3 car garage, brick exterior, hardwood floors, on a cul-de-sac, large kitchen, open floor plan, specific neighborhood and school zone, useable basement, big backyard, big windows, high ceilings…and my current house has all of that, PLUS a view of the city which wasn’t even on my list! I am living in my word-for-word dream home. 

2. Take those dreams and break them down into obtainable goals

So you’ve dreamed big, now what? Now you take each and every dream, and dissect them into steps you can take to get achieve them. Want financial freedom? Start with a goal to make a budget. Already have a budget? Then make a goal to start earning more income. The next goal you make depends on how far into your journey of getting somewhere that you are, and you must start where you are. Do not let where you aren’t discourage you, it is a waste of precious time! Perhaps you want to be an author, maybe you’ve already written a book, maybe you’ve never written anything, maybe you still need to buy a laptop, maybe you need to take a writing class…there are goals to be set to get you going in the right direction. So break each of your dreams down and write down goals to get you headed that way! 

3. Then take those goals and break them down one more time

So you dream of financial freedom and you know that one goal to get there is to pay off your debt. Great! Now you take the goal of paying off debt and break that down again into another goal which you can start to do right now, such as creating a budget, cutting expenses so more of your income can go toward your debt, looking for ways to make extra money to pay it off faster, etc. You’ve taken something that seems like a big ask into a smaller obtainable goal that you can manage today.

4. Write it all down

Can’t stress this enough, has to be written down, each and every goal. 

5. Monthly Check Ins

At the beginning of each month, I revisit the list of dreams and obtainable goals I created and I then create daily/weekly tasks for myself with those dreams and goals in mind. Then I write all of those down and keep that list nearby throughout the month (in my purse, planner, taped in the closet, wherever you’ll come across it often), to remind myself of my To Dos for that month. Things that will help me get another step further. By the way, write these down! 

6. Daily Affirmations (written, spoken, visualized)

Every day I find a few minutes to write down affirmations which includes mindsets, qualities, and my dreams as though they are all here and true. For example “I am a mother of two healthy, happy children, I live in my dream home, I am a multimillionaire and financially free, I own rental properties for passive income, I am healthy, happy, beautiful, confident, successful, wealthy, patient, loving, peaceful, and a size 4″…write it all down as if its here now then speak it out loud. After that close your eyes and picture what that looks like. Imagine your fabulous self up on stage, or at your vacation home with your family, or signing a best selling book. Soak that visualization up! Do this every day, preferably in the morning to remind yourself what you are working toward. 

7. Create the schedule and preparation/planning time

You have to schedule, plan, and prepare for these activities or it just won’t happen. Write the schedule down too. Want to lose weight? What days/times will you exercise? What will you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make sure you are on plan on going to meet your goal? If you want to lose weight, pick the time each day you will work out, don’t wait until you feel like it because that will never happen. Want to start writing a blog or book? What time and day will you commit to working in it? Start putting this into your schedule. For example:

Sundays: Grocery shopping  and meal prepping so we are set for the week 

6am – get up, drink my coffee, have quiet time for my journaling, praying, and affirmations until around

6:45am-7:15am: my husband and I do a half hour BeachBody workout together. This is regimented but also includes a fair dose of chaos as our son always wakes up sometime while this is going on so we do our best to use him in our workouts and keep him occupied. 

Put it in to your schedule and commit to it! Let everyone know too, if you are going to start going to the gym after work, tell your friends and family. They will support it and when they invite you out for dinner, they’ll be aware to set the time for after your workout. 

8. Reflection and Confirmations

The best way to keep your motivation up and start to realize how much you are in control of achieving your dreams is to keep your eyes open to confirmation. Reflect and look for signs because achieving your dreams comes in small steps, maybe even unrecognizable steps at first. Every pound counts when you want to lose 50 of them. Or looking back and realizing that you’ve cut your soda addiction or you meal prep now. Look back the year prior or decade prior and value the differences between where you were and where you are now. Starting out, there may not be much change, but if you continue to do these methods then over time you will be blown away by how far just desiring and keeping your goals written down and working at them will get you to what you want. 

It’s so fun to dream, it won’t harm you in any way to imagine the best for yourself. I used to fear setting my sights too high because I worried that I would disappoint myself…that’s so wrong! It has never once hurt me to think of myself as a multimillionaire with two healthy, beautiful children, financial freedom, healthy and fit, in a dream home, a well known and respected business woman in my community, a savvy investor, and a successful blog writer. I do not turn away from these desires anymore, I turn toward them and open my heart up to them, and it is FUN! Not painful. Try it, let yourself dream the big ones and write them down, acknowledge them and give them life. It will change everything for you.

*Another note to mention…I also used to think God had blessed me enough and it was greedy to desire more. Others would kill to have what I have, so why can’t that be enough? Well, let me explain the correct mindset. Yes, it IS enough and should be reflected on and you should be brimming with gratefulness and appreciation which will help you feel fulfilled and enjoy the moment. God also wants the very best for you and striving for more does not mean you’re not appreciative of what you already have. You can be grateful and honor your blessings you currently have and also strive for more at the same time. 

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture yourself as you see yourself in your dream life. 

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