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Real quick before you read any further….

*Sit up straight and take a big, deep breath*  Ahhhh, feels good right? There’s no reason I asked you to do that other than to remind you to take deep relaxing breaths once in a while, they are great! 🙂 

When I first started this blog my intention was to mostly focus on finances as I am passionate about being debt free and obtaining financial freedom, plus I have met some pretty significant financial goals at an early age so I definitely have insight to share on that front. As I started to think of content for my blog posts though I was fairly bored with coming up with only content regarding finances. I consider myself (as do others) to be a well rounded person, so my focus is now on the whole picture. The key to the way I’m able to make my life work pretty much boils down to organization, my mindset, and hard work. I want to share what works for me, what doesn’t work for me, and hopefully that will help you too. 

For 2019, my goal is to blog about a certain topic for each month. January will be all about setting goals and obtaining those goals (fitting, right?). I am so passionate about having goals and have a lot of different routines in place to help me reach my goals…and it works. I keep so many journals and I’ll often look back at goals that I wrote down and realize I’ve met them. I continue to strive for better and better, and life has started to reach a really sweet point where I have proven to myself how capable I am. It’s amazing, once you start to achieve enough of what you want, you’ll stop crediting luck or a fluke and realize YOU are in the driver’s seat. It’s all because of YOU! I want everyone to tap into this magical power that we all have over our own lives. 

Where did I start?

You must write things down. This sounds simple, but it starts with getting a notebook/journal/planner, whatever (here are some of my favorite
journals but it doesn’t matter what you use, just get something you can write on and think of some time in your day you can carve out to spend some time writing. I’ll be in going into the details in future posts but in the mean time do yourself a favor and get a journal. The beginning is that simple. 

Just several years ago I was so incredibly filled with anxiety that I used to throw up every single morning (the lovely way my body has dealt with nerves and anxiety since the 5th grade). I was ashamed of who I was, I didn’t feel worthy, and I was so painfully shy. While I do continue to still battle with anxiety and shyness, I manage to keep those at bay and today I am married, I have a baby and successful career in real estate (of all the careers for a shy person, right?!). I love my life and most days I feel I am thriving instead of surviving. 

So…because I believe in accountability, here is what I plan to focus on this year for what I plan to write about (I do plan way in advance but so should you! Nothing will happen if you don’t plan for it). 

2019’s Blog Topics

January – Goal Setting (You know, for the New Year)

February – Relationships

March – Personal Growth

April – Finances (Heyyy tax season!)

May – Energy 

June – Health/Fitness

July – My career and business success

August – Forgiveness and Gratitude

September – Shyness and being an introvert

October – Spirituality and relationship with God

November – Supporting women

December – Self Care and Time Management

All of these topics are so important for mostly everyone – unless you’re an extrovert then September’s posts may not interest you 😉 I hope you’ll follow me this year and take away what resonates with you to help improve your life for the better. I’m so thankful for how much I’ve grown and feel at peace with who I am. 

So I am looking forward to 2019 and all of the goals I have set for the year which I’ll be talking about in my posts this month, both my past goals that I’ve met and the future ones that I have created. 

Now, take another deep breath (ahhhh), go drink a glass of water and give someone you care about a hug. 

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