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A New Year Means A Fresh Start

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Okay so I LOVE the New Year! Not necessarily New Year’s Eve, but New Year’s Day. What a great chance to reflect on your past year and see where you thrived and where you could use some improvement. Chances are, some of your resolutions or goals you made for the prior year had fizzled out a couple of months in, but this year will be different! See my tips on making your New Years resolutions stick!

1. Be more present

This is probably my most important resolution because if I am present, the rest of my goals will fall in line. I tend to be a workaholic with a high level of anxiety and a view of scarcity on time. This mix makes it difficult to be present and I am constantly feeling that I need to get something done or I don’t have time to pause and relax. When someone stops by my office to chat I am anxious to get the conversation over because it is taking me away from tending to my emails that are coming in. This mindset robs me of my presence which means affects my relationships as well.

2. Self Care

I don’t know about you, but do you know what happens to me when I start eating poorly, not drinking enough water, and running myself ragged? I start to lose it and usually have some sort of crashing melt down. When I take care of myself and give myself space to have a small amount of quiet time and some exercise, the rest I can handle fairly easy. Self care is really simple and we always push it to the back burner because it’s easier to sacrifice our own needs than think we are failing someone else. But no one is getting anything from you if you burn out.

3. Hydrate

I bought a 36 oz water bottle off of Amazon and it stays with me wherever I go. It makes such a difference to have it near me. On days where I forget it in the car or leave it at home, I literally will not drink water. And I can feel the difference. We need water to run at our best, drink it!!

4. Wake up earlier

Okay, this one is huge and has been so hard for me. There is SO much in favor of waking up early and getting your day started. For years I have struggled with waking up early, and this ONE thing has made it possible for me! It is a light alarm clock, so a half hour before you want to wake up, the light will turn on and slowly get brighter and brighter. It wakes me up naturally before the alarm sound even goes off! 

5. Stop screening calls!

My job is very communication heavy and I am an introvert who hates talking on the phone. So sometimes when I’m not feeling energetic I view incoming calls as an assault! But letting it go to to voicemail, then waiting to see what the client wants, then trying to plan a better time to call back when I have more energy but not allow too much time to go by where I risk irritating my client…it’s causing so much more energy to go into the call than if I would have just answered the phone. If I don’t have the energy or the answers for what they need, I can keep the call short and say I have a meeting, or let them know I’ll need to get back to them.

6. Give back with your energy

Give back! Keep your taking/giving in check and do a self assessment on your relationships. Do you find yourself being on the receiving end of people’s thoughtfulness or vice versa? If you have a friend who always seems to remember your important stuff and checks in with you, but you forgot when she was up for a promotion, or that she was taking her dog to the vet and forgot to ask how it went…these are small ways to give back your energy.

7. Daily act of kindness

What you put out you will get in return. This year, work on being more mindful of your surroundings and how you can contribute kindness into it. Hear what people are saying, see what they’re doing, gauge how they’re feeling…one of the easiest ways to spread kindness is the compliment a non-appearance quality in someone. Complimenting someone’s shoes doesn’t fill them the same way as complimenting them on their sense of humor, honesty, helpfulness, knowledge, etc.

8. Morning affirmations

Start seeing yourself as you want to be, saying it out loud and visualizing it, and most importantly – write it down! Keep track of these affirmations and over time you will realize you have become what you affirmed.

9. Organize one project per month (kitchen cabinet, closet, etc)

You will thank yourself!

10. Do one thing out of your comfort zone each month

We don’t grow unless we push ourselves. I am very shy, but I have come SO far from how I used to feel and when I look back I can see the reason that I’ve made progress is because I continued to get out of my comfort zone. It’s hard, it’s painful, sometimes it feels impossible, but keep doing it and you will blossom.

11. Less screen time

When did we get so addicted to our screens? I know I have a problem, and more on being present means getting off of my phone. I can save my emails for work hours unless it’s urgent and I can save my Pinterest browsing for after I’ve put my son to bed.

12. Exercise regularly

The best thing we can do for our bodies and minds is exercise. We all know it, we all resist it, and it’s time to just get the emotions out of it and treat it like brushing our teeth or doing the laundry. It’s just part of life and we have to do it. Stay on track using a  Fitness Journal

13. Work on forgiveness

We are truly flawed human beings and relationships can be really hard. Chances are you have been very wronged and deeply hurt by someone important to you, and it may be possible that you’ve hurt someone in your life. The hurt and regret is holding you back, so send forgiveness to someone who has wronged you and give yourself forgiveness for mistakes that you’ve made.

14. Daily meditation, prayer, or journaling

This goes along with self care and your morning affirmations. Take a small amount of space in the day and dedicate it for the goodness of your soul.

15. Embrace your job and obligations

I used to hate my job. I was so stressed out, my boss would put me on edge, I dreamed of the day I’d quit, etc. Well one day my husband (boyfriend at the time) got tired enough of hearing me complain he said to either quit or stop talking about it because he would no longer listen to it. I had invested so much time and energy into gaining experience in the career that I really didn’t want to quit so I stayed and decided to embrace it. I wasn’t going to be able to change the workload or my boss’s personality, but I changed how I responded to it. Once I started to embrace it, my job is now my haven! I love it, it empowers me, and I now consider my boss like family. Same goes for obligations, you can choose to resist it and wish it weren’t so, or you can embrace what you have to do and choose to find some joy in your obligations.

16. Make sure your loved ones know it

Gosh, I just turned 30 and I am so grateful for the relationships in my life. Let everyone know how much they mean to you.

17. Meal plan

This can actually be life changing – this affects your health, stress, time, and wallet. I have started doing weekly meal planning, my goal will be monthly! When I meal plan my week, I eat healthier, I’m less stressed and not making poor decisions to grab something quick. And because I’m not running around grabbing something quick I spend less money! Win win!

18. Have fun

If you’re a Type A personality like myself, this needs to be thought about. I truly get so caught up in all of my To Do’s, planning, work, family, etc that I find myself not having that much fun very often. Invite some friends over for a game night, or do an activity with your kids that everyone will enjoy and you will have a fantastic year!

19. Be yourself

I’ve realized that I wasn’t going to ‘find myself’ at some point and then it would all make sense. That day doesn’t really happen…but what I did start doing was more of what I wanted to do, or reacting how I wanted to react. For an example, I crave alone time and between work, kids, family, friends, etc I rarely get it. My whole life I have fought this and thought one day I could keep working on myself so that one day this would change. That’s not being myself! So instead I’ve started trying to work from home one day out of the week and wow that one day by myself with no one else around truly fuels me! I wish I hadn’t spent so much time resisting what I need hoping that it would change, and just giving in to who I am and what I need to do to be the best me.

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