FabFitFun box is the PERFECT gift to give yourself this Holiday season!

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Why I Chose to Subscribe to the  FabFitFun box:

As a frugal person on the way to financial freedom, I have sworn off subscriptions completely! Except as I’m sure you have as well, I’ve been seeing a lot of  FabFitFun videos of various social media stars and bloggers opening up their FabFitFun boxes and pulling out an array of pricey goodies all for $49.99 (or $39.99 if you use this link FabFitFun).

I watched the Summer box videos, then the Fall box videos and now the Winter box videos are rolling out and I caved. It was not an impulse cave either, I have given this a lot of thought before deciding to order.

Here are my reasons why I totally support getting this subscription:

We need to treat ourselves for our own sanity!

While I believe in being frugal and living a minimalist lifestyle, I also know that for my own personal sanity I have to treat myself. I treat myself on a budget though…no big shopping sprees, or lavish spa days for this full time working mama. You don’t need it! You just need to carve out a little piece of goodness for yourself and it will go a long way.   FabFitFun will give you just that. It is a small indulgence, only 4x a year to get a box full of great products that are JUST for YOU at a smoking deal.

True Value and Quality

I also can’t believe how much value is packed into these boxes! Many of the items retail for more than the entire cost of the box themselves. They are high end, quality products! I don’t know how they are making any money over there, it’s blowing me away.

Spend A Little, Save A Lot

More on taking indulgences for yourself – these boxes are timed perfectly to come with each season, which is when we are most likely to cave into buying a bunch of stuff that we don’t need.  FabFitFun will come right about the same time that you are about to run out and buy a bunch of stuff to satisfy the voice calling you toward all of the great new products that have rolled out with the change of season. I equate it to a small cheat day if you’re dieting. Have the cookie to save yourself the binge and falling off the bandwagon down the road!

Holy Re-Gifting!

Even if you just take the box and give some of the products to loved ones throughout the year for various holiday or birthday gifts, you will save SO much money and give amazing gifts to the ladies in your life! Hadn’t thought of that did you? You’re welcome 🙂

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