6 Things Not Worth the Savings

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I absolutely love living a frugal lifestyle. I love challenging myself to increase my savings. I’m always looking for ways to cut expenses and live as below my means as possible. We don’t have cable, we don’t go out to eat very often, I take full advantage of sites like Ebates or BeFrugal.com. Here are some great ideas on other ways to save money and create extra income.

Okay, maybe ‘absolutely love’ is a bit generous…but I really do enjoy living life in a way that I know will set me up for a wonderful financial future in lieu of instant gratification. When I wish I could just buy whatever, I remind myself that I can buy whatever I want, but at the cost of probably having to work later in life than if I didn’t give into my impulses.

But we all know someone who can get carried away with being frugal…

Frugal and cheap are very different things. Letting everyone around you be uncomfortable for the sake of your frugality is just cheap, it’s not smart. What goes around comes around. I love the friendships in which sometimes I pick up the bill for lunch/dinner, and sometimes they do. We don’t keep tabs, it all evens out and we are generous with each other.

There are also things that I just need in order to be comfortable. This comes at a cost I’m willing to pay in lieu of putting it toward savings.

Here are 6 things that just aren’t worth the savings to me:

  1. Heating and Air – 1 degree, sure…but I have friends who keep their home at 50 degrees in the winter and just wear lots of layers.This works for them, but it’s not worth the savings to me. A house that’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter just makes me unproductive anyway.

  2. Food – I don’t shop all organic, but I try to be mindful of where my food is coming from and getting quality. You should also meal plan which will help you save money by eating out less and being less wasteful of the food you buy.

  3. Professional clothing and purse – I buy these items used, but my professional work clothes and my handbag have to be quality. I feel better and feel like I have my sh*t together when I’m wearing a nice outfit at work. Clients want to see someone who is put together,it transfers over into your professionalism.

  4. House Cleaner –  to deep clean the house takes several hours. Spending that much energy and time is not worth the savings. I work very hard so I’d rather enjoy my time off with my family rather than clean the house an entire. It’s better for my marriage too 🙂

  5. Childcare – when it comes to childcare, I’m not looking for a bargain deal. Going to a mediocre place is not worth the savings. You can save money on childcare though by finding a quality nanny and doing a nanny share with another mom, or something like that.

  6. While on vacation – we work so hard and are on top of our savings the rest of the time. 

    6 things not worth the savingsWhile I’m on vacation I’m not going to hold back. Getting what I want at dinner or going on a fun excursion, I’m not making those sacrifices on vacation. I’m going to experience what I can while I’m on vacation.

I know I have friends who would never hire a house cleaner but will only fly first class. We all have different priorities and things that are important to us that we’re willing to splurge for.

What about you? What are some things that aren’t worth the savings that you’ll spend more money on than others would?

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