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2018 is fast approaching! I had a wonderful 2017, I had my first baby and accomplished some major goals in my life (including paying off my mortgage! Here’s how I did it I Paid My House Off In 6 Years). I have always believed that writing my goals down and consistently looking back at my goals is one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to accomplish so much so far. As this year is ending, I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions ideas for 2018.

My New Year’s Resolutions ideas last year geared toward financials and career. This year, now that I have a baby, I plan to set my goals more toward the relationship and community aspect of my life. I will still be working hard but I am not going to set my bar too high in terms of career for this upcoming year.

I love brainstorming New Year’s Resolutions ideas and ways I can improve my life. For my method on how I make sure I obtain my resolutions each here, read this post: Making My New Year Resolutions Stick

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Here are some New Year’s Resolutions ideas to consider for this upcoming year:

  1. Start a side business to earn extra income (if you ever want to make a leap into quitting your job, then try to gear your side business toward this career). It’s so empowering to work for yourself, also it’s a big leap too. I believe in baby steps, as starting small can be smart. If you have a family you can’t afford to be reckless.
  2. Improve a relationship in your life. This is so important, and most of us have someone in our life that is important to us but things are strained. Create goals for improving your relationship. Try to understand that person, and make conscious efforts to connect with them the way they want to be connected with.
  3. Improve your health It’s not always about weight (but for me it is this year though, so goodbye baby weight!). What are some things you’re doing that you can change for a healthier way. Cook more, exercise more, or both. Quit a bad habit, or find alternative ways to spend your time on something more productive?
  4. Financial goals Can you pay off a certain amount of debt this year? Save for a house? Check out: Ways to Save and Make Extra Money
  5. Career goals Set a new career goal. Aspire to be a top producer in your company, or bring in new business. Or streamline your work so you can get more done, etc.
  6. Personal Growth Learn a new language or get involved in your community. Read a certain amount of books related to personal growth or something that interests you, etc. Never stop trying to grow and improve yourself. 

For my own accountability, I will post my resolutions once I have them set and do a review at the end of 2018 on how I did 🙂


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