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The only way to build wealth is to save money and get out of debt. By having a mindset of saving my money and living debt free, I was able to pay my house off and am on to my next goal of saving for my next home (to see my story on paying off my house, click here.

Here are 13 things you can start doing to save money today and bring in extra income.

  • Buy used

I’m talking cars, clothes, kids stuff, electronics, furniture, etc. You can save money by not buying new. And you can get really quality stuff too. Think of all of the times you’ve bought something just to never use it and then end up selling it. Some of my favorite clothing items I bought from places that sell used clothes.

When I started using these sites I was shocked at how much money you get back for the purchases I was going to make online regardless. I couldn’t stop thinking of all of the money I had missed out on because it took me forever to finally sign up. Another thing you can do if you don’t like online shopping, is shop in store and find what you like, then place your order online through one of these sites if it qualifies for cash back, this will help you save a lot of money and get cash back.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

  • Credit Cards with rewards

I personally use American Express because it doesn’t allow me to carry a balance and therefore I don’t carry any debt. I get cash back rewards for money I’d be spending regardless. People have mixed feelings about credit cards, my opinion is that they are a great tool if you are responsible with them. If you can’t trust yourself to have one, then stick with cash/debit.

  • Side Hustlessave money earn extra income

Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, Instacart (grocery shop for someone), blogging, sell on etsy, network marketing, etc. There are a lot of options out there to bring in extra income. If you’re a stay at home parent, offer to watch someone else’s kid to earn extra money. Think of the things you’re already doing and see if you can do that for someone else while you’re at it to make extra money.

  • Meal prepping

save money meal preppingThis is a big one. If you don’t plan for your meals, you will end up eating out and wasting so much money on food. If you haven’t already taken a lot at where you spend your money, sit down and add up how much you spent on food in the past year, it will blow you away (if you were like me). Every week I make a big batch of salad, soup, or whatever sounds good and that’s what I have the entire week. Meal prepping will definitely save money.

  • Don’t go out for coffee

Save money by kicking this is extremely wasteful spending. You’ve probably heard this or read it a million times by now, and you’ll continue to hear it from every big saver until one day it clicks! I am always in awe when I’m on my way to work and see huge lines in the Starbucks drive-thru. I think, are there really still that many people out there who buy their coffees everyday?! Haven’t they ever read how much money you waste! I buy coffee out a handful of times a year, usually I am with other people who want to go there or on a vacation. Otherwise, I drink my coffee at home.

  • Try to cut your product usage in half (shampoos, cleaners, paper towels, literally cut your sponges, etc)

Be mindful when you’re going about your day what you are using and how you can be more efficient and use less. Can you wash your hair less often? Literally cut your sponges in half. Use the paper towels that tear in smaller sizes so you use only the amount you need. Reuse the plastic bags from grocery stores to line your small trash cans. Filter your tap water and drink that instead of water bottles. There are a lot of ways to cut down your product usage and save a lot!

  • Dollar Store

I’m not going to list everything, here is a great blog post for you to check out how to save money by shopping at the dollar store:


  • Join Facebook groups for swaps

I personally belong to a local baby gear swap group where moms are constantly selling or even giving away kids stuff. I’m talking a year’s worth of clothes for $30, or a mom recently posted that she accidentally bought the wrong size diapers and she was giving them away for free to anyone who would come pick them up. Join groups like this and keep an eye out for what you need.

  • Be a homebody! Or seek out free activities

save money homebodyThis comes easy to me. I love being at home, my idea of a great Friday (or/and Saturday) night is to make dinner at home and watch a movie or binge watch a Netflix show. Need more socializing than that? Invite friends over for a game night or BBQ and have everyone BYOB.

  • Split your meals

If you do go out, go halfsies with someone and split your entree.


  • Share services with family and friends (Netflix, HBO, etc)

I hope I can’t get in trouble for this, but we have friends that we share certain accounts with. They pay for Netflix and we use their login, and we pay for HBOGo and they use our login. Are there any arrangements like this that you could make with friends/family?

  • Return things that you don’t want

Create a strict rule for yourself to return items that didn’t meet your expectations that you ordered online. I know I have been guilty of getting something in the mail, being disappointed, but keeping it anyway because it might be of use at some point. I have wasted a lot of money on items I will never use!

A couple of other tips…

  1. Reuse whatever you can – we hang onto our grocery store bags and use them to pick up after the dog. We also hang onto the gift bags we receive and therefore haven’t had to buy a gift bag in forever.
  2. Time your purchases, make your large purchases on 3 day weekends. It’s more likely there will be a large sale going on, Black Friday, etc.
  3. Check your furnace damper. Google it, it has helped my energy bill immensely. 
  4. Never stop searching for more ideas. Keep looking through Pinterest or other sites to get other people’s tricks and methods on how they save money. I can’t tell you how many posts I read that talked about Ebates and how long it look me to finally sign up and now I’m SO glad I did. And the only reason that I finally did is because I had to come across it enough for it to finally click.

What tips can you add that have helped you and your families save extra money?

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