about me - wealth and stabilityDear Wealth and Stability Visitors,

First of all, congrats on visiting my site and potentially others like this. It means you are searching for ways to improve your life and your finances. Whether you are buried in credit card debt, or well out of debt with a large savings, there is always room for improvement to help fast track your way toward wealth and stability.

I have always had a natural drive for wealth and financial freedom (I think we all do!). I’ve always loved finance, although when I was younger I didn’t always know  that’s what it was called, I just knew that I loved to make money and I knew I could make it grow. Today I realize that this drive was a passion for finances. You have so much more control of your wealth and stability than you think! 

I have been working toward the goal of financial freedom since I can remember.  I bought my first home at age 22 (the same year I was graduating from college), I paid off my mortgage in 6 years, and I am currently 100% debt free. My goal is to earn financial freedom and retire early, and I am well on my way there. 

I have spent a lot of time learning about money and how you can be in control of it. I hope you enjoy and learn from my knowledge and experiences, and I hope you share yours in the comments too.